M&M Art

We will create an M&M Art rendering of an image.

Otherwise, the following image will be candied by M&M's when you press the generate button.

default image of Abraham Lincoln

What colors would you like to use? If you select one M&M color, only one M&M color will be used to generate the image. If you select two M&M colors, then two M&M colors will be used, and so on. If you would like all 6 M&M colors, check the All Colors field. Then, proceed to click generate below.

brown M&M blue M&M green M&M orange M&M red M&M yellow M&M

In addition, if you would like to randomize the color choices, check the randomize box. That is, pixels that most resemble a red M&M may by represented by a green M&M instead. Enjoy!