Smarties Art

We will create a Smarties Art rendering of an image.

Otherwise, the following image will be candied by Smartie's when you press the generate button.

Great Britian flag

What colors would you like to use? If you select one Smartie color, only one Smartie color will be used to generate the image. If you select two Smartie colors, then two Smartie colors will be used, and so on. If you would like all 8 Smartie colors, check the All Colors field. Then, proceed to click generate below.

blue smartie green smartie orange smartie red smartie

pink smartie purple smartie yellow smartie white smartie

In addition, if you would like to randomize the color choices, check the randomize box. That is, pixels that most resemble a red Smartie may by represented by a green Smartie instead. Enjoy!